Friday, February 20, 2009

Diggin' It part 1 [DKB live]

Some pictures of a friend of mine [from high school] playing a gig @ Beyond Coffee tonight.
His band is called The Donnie Knaub Band [DKB for short]
Below is the man for whom the band is named, my friend Donnie.

Seeing [& hearing] him play. More to the point, hearing him solo, takes me back to us goofing off in my parents basement. I've always loved Donnie's soloing. It was so much fun.
Currently listening to: Donnie & me Jamming [a bootleg from the basement]
Enjoy some grooves [I'm too embarrassed to ever let anyone listen to this recording. I cannot believe I'm actually admitting it even exists]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

trip to Chickie's Rock [3rd field trip]

We had a wonderful trip to Chickie's Rock last Sun. I wasn't sure I would post pictures from it. [just feeling very inadequate in general] But I pulled these out. Hope you like them.

I ended up leaving first out of the group. It was so nice to be there. Hang out with friends. Make new ones. All that was missing was my friend DeAnn.

Well, my friend Donnie is playing a gig @ Beyond Coffee tomorrow, so I'll be going for now.
Kind of mellowing out to the song Born, by Over the Rhine
enjoy a sunset...