Saturday, December 27, 2008

[don't know how to title this]

I do love that it snowed during December.

My Mother-in-law loves snowmen.

My nieces. [Mackenzie is the bigger blur, Peyton is the smaller one. I wish you could hear them saying "cheese"]

I'm not sure what to say. Anything that comes to mind seems like it is a broken record. So, I'll just let the other blog do most of the talking. [though, I am sorry that it's been so long]

I am having problems with taking pictures. [as you can see]

I'll try to post more pix in the new year...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A slightly redundant post for you

since I have a follower that I do not recognize from anywhere that I go. I am re-posting the same post from my other blog. So she understands my "dropping off the face of the Earth" for a while...

“post Op”

So, it’s been about six days since my surgery. Tues. went fairly well. I’m told the surgery was a complete success. The only glitch I had, was waking up in recovery. I’m not one to like waking up somewhere different than where I fell asleep. I kind of have to “take a mental inventory” of my surroundings. I knew [& planned for the fact] that I would go to sleep in one room/ area, & then wake up hours later somewhere else. It still threw me. So there was a nervous few moments, between me & the nursing staff. They kept pushing my arms down, which lent to a feeling of being restrained. [which I abhor] Unfortunately, this made me want out of there more than just the fact that I was uncertain as to how many people were standing around me. Part of me kept searching for a familiar face [Mick, Kevin, Dave, Mom or Dad, one of my other friends at LW…] Since I didn’t see any of them, I was really debating grabbing someone, you know the ol’ action movie line: “release me” [“…& no one will get hurt.”] After a few moments “Julie”, a nurse there, came over to me slowly & said “Are you claustrophobic?” No, not really. I said [not really convincing either of us]. “…just… too many people in here.” [I cannot keep track of them all. Some touching me lightly. –I’d rather be grabbed by a handful of razor blades]. Upon saying this, however, many of them exited. [all the ones who left larger/ thicker shadows] One nurse kept walking past the room I was in. I made clear that “I’m watching you as well”.

Thankfully, that was the only real glitch, though. Julie kept asking me how I was. Asking if I was comfortable. “Better now?” “Yeah, now that there are fewer people around.”

So besides that things went fairly well.

I felt immediate results from the surgery. I feel like I have “more room” in my head. And, for the most part, less stress/ pain in there. Now I do have pain, even now yet, but it doesn’t last as long. I’ve had trouble sleeping [mostly Wed. night to Thurs.]. Thurs. was rather rough. I was breathing & eating from the same place. Ever hold your breath while eating? Yeah, this should be an Olympic sport. I’ve had this during allergy seasons before, but it’s been a while. So, Thanksgiving was a bit hard. But fun. My crazy, wonderful Dad came over. Picked me up, took me to his place, & we ate Turkey & homemade stuffing, had pumpkin roll, cranberry sauce, et al. Then took me home right after. As it took a lot just to eat & breathe. And I not long ago had wonderful “Leftover Casserole” & Hamloaf [earlier today, actually. Tres Manifique].

Sadly, I didn’t get to see my cousins. They’re home from France & it’s still hard to get to see them. My cousins [Julie & Etienne Cavalero] have a little girl, Gabriella [“Gabby”]. This would have been my first chance to see her. I’m kind of in a phase that my niece said quite well while visiting her Grandpa in the hospital a few weeks ago. [That would be Mick’s Dad, for appendix] “I don’t like this. I want it to be over now.” Yeah, that about covers it. I’m with you Payton.

Long about Thurs. to Fri. & most of yesterday, my right eye hurt when I moved it. This seems to be gone now. I also no longer have gauze under my nose. So I don’t really look any different, now. Nor do I look like I had anything done. I’m still not ready to drive. I’m not quite “all there” just yet. I’m hoping to be better before Tues. I have an appointment on Tues. [& gg on Wed.]. It was really awkward to let my friend Jared take my trash to the curb for me, tonight. I’m not allowed to lift till Tues. Tues. [for the next week, 7 days] I’m only allowed to lift about 18 lbs. Ugh. I loath asking for help/ needing help [or feeling helpless/ powerless].

Well, I need to stop for now. [headache] So I’ll post more later…

Currently listening to:

[my “if I owned a radio station” playlist]

“Your pitiful” by “Weird Al” Yankovic

[into every life, a little Weird Al must fall]

[for the curious…]

“Leftover Casserole”

Is, quite simply, made by taking a casserole dish & put:

pieces of turkey all over the bottom

pour on gravy [cover turkey pieces]

put filling on the top

cook/ reheat


Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Phish decals

Well... I had to "put down" one of my Phish stickers. I decided to personalize my car this time around. So I've had different things on/in it. For the first time since I've owned a car. But my second Phish decal [pictured above] got a "fungus among us". -no thanks, no free loaders. So I sadly scrapped this one off.

Thankfully my favorite one is still hangin' in there. There's more black in the one below, so since all the colors have a black "tinge" to them this one fits in with my car better. It just looks classier. Rumor has it that 2009 will see a reunion of Phish. "So they say" ["they" talk a lot... so who knows? ...truthfully, I'm not really loosing sleep over it. I wouldn't mind having a band. I wouldn't mind messin' around with a group of musicians, maybe even recording... being in front of tons of people &/or touring -ahhh, no thanks. Waiter, check please.]
I like that the clouds above show up on these pic's. [which is a total accident]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2nd photo field trip [pt 2]

As dawn breaks on a special morning shared with friends.

I loved this "counsel of stones". [it was much smaller "in person"]
The architecture of spiders...

A "lonely rock" on the edge of the lake...
"Wolverine was here". Scars, you have yours... & I have mine.
[I have a nagging question I always wanted to ask... mentioning Wolverine makes me think of it again. Perhaps on my other blog I'll ask]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Second Photo Field Trip

I really love fall. So it was with great excitement that I got an email of a Fall photo field trip. This is a part 1 of sorts. I loved the reflective water to help create some interesting pictures...
I seemed to start "the latest fold" in my exploring the world sculpted around me, by taking pictures of the sky. So, when I saw this "unique reflection of the sky" I had to take it.

I liked the abstractness of these views...

...and then there are pictures of paths. My Dad, & a very good spiritual friend, got me into enjoying taking walks [or hikes] in the woods. So much so that I enjoy going alone, notebook with me, & just slowing down. I remove my watch, [& anything else that will tell me the time] & just go into the woods... lose myself ...inside God's canvas. It has become for me, a monastery of sorts. I can feel the woods fold in on me, swallowing me whole.
Healing can begin in these times for me...
An "untying of the knots" as it were...

Friday, October 24, 2008

feeble attempts at macro

Here are a few of my feeble attempts at Macro photography. I am really fascinated by this kind of photography. However I do not have a camera that really can do this very well. Above is from a railroad bridge at the cabin.
These berries are from just outside my front door. I didn't plant this thing, my sister-in-law Marrianne [ we just call her "Mare"] did. The berries keep changing colors [they are now a deep, dark purple].
This leaf is from our first photo field trip...
This one is from last Sat.
Hopefully my late night posts will be ending soon...

Monday, September 8, 2008

well... I haven't posted for a while

As I listen to the new Jack Johnson disc...
Here are some photos from the fire pit at the cabin. I wasn't expecting the little "ember trails" that I got. Some accidents aren't too bad... The above accident was a "I moved while taking it"

The above one I might see if I can creatively put as the background here. I'm kind of amazed that it turned out like this. Not bad for a guy who can't take pictures "to save his life", huh? This was a "B goofed & God decided to make it cool anyway" picture. [for a more "poetic" take on it, I wrote a "flowery" post on my other blog.]

Well, I need to go for now. [don't really feel like "saying much" right now]

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Something for the heck of it....

Sorry for the strange posts...
but you have to try to fix stuff -eventually.
so hum...

Ok, since this is my photo blog. If you've read "the shack" by Young, he mentions a fractal garden.
Ever seen a fractal??
Fractals [that I like but did not create]:
the above one I call "Twisted rainbow".
ebay website

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Cabin [a tour of sorts] -pt 1

So, this is the cabin...

The part on the left was added much later [as was running water].

This is where we were when I took the fireside photos....

Table for 16? Yes, it is "custom". Though I'm not sure if Uncle John Williams made it or Uncle John Noll made it. I think it's a counter top for in a kitchen, a "leftover", with legs mounted on it. You can tell I'm staying there: Camera -check, cd's -check, med's bag -check, munchies -check... Huston we're go for launch...

The cabinet doors were siding from a barn...

Ahh, yes... "the Noll sense of humor"....

I'll give more of the "road in" & the other rooms later. It's been a crazy day for me, my eyes are bad [allergies/ helping the cable guys set up my modem -I'm no longer wireless as of Fri.]. So I think I'll give them a rest...

The hail storm [...or I'm dreaming of a white birthday]

Hard to believe this was in August. I always joked with my mom, I'm dreaming of a white birthday. [since my b-day is in April... I've been dreaming for a while. Yes, I'm one of the sicko's who love snow. Too much of it? -there is no such thing. 12 feet? -bring it! ...well, ok, you can wait till Oct. or Nov. but, seriously, can I have some, please?] Snow makes me think of how artistic God is. Only He can change an entire landscape... by adding only one color.
...more pic. later...