Sunday, January 11, 2009


[a "frozen leaf"? or "leaves of ice"?]
My cousin is a bit younger than me. He's also a bit more savvy than me. I didn't realize that my camera had a sort of "built in" macro feature on it. [no one told me that's what that stupid flower icon meant... or I didn't know deAnn back then]

I like the melting wax here, & the reflection of the flame in the little pool of liquid wax.
I'm trying to relax on the Sabbath. I've created a Sacred Space. [I borrow this term, from Pastor Brian, & LW -my church] For whatever reason, candles are soothing to me. My sporadic-ness in my posts will be due to... well, trying to overhaul my entire existence. Which I'll post more in-depth, & at length, on my other blog.
well, it's time for a macro look at the inside of my eye lids...

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