Thursday, January 29, 2009

Violent sky

I loved the way the clouds "rolled" yesterday. It was like "looking up at the ocean".

Painted so carefully. Seemingly just for me. Painted by the most fascinating & breath-taking mind [or intellect]. I just stared at it... feeling like a child, lost in an adult's conversation. After a while I became aware of 2 things... 1. How weird I must look, standing on the sidewalk, awed by the painting [& painter of the sky]... 2. feeling His smile that seemed to say:

The ones below are, quite obviously, where the title of this post comes from. I have only posted a few pix here [from the plethora of photos taken yesterday]. If I had posted others I'd have tried to convince you that there was no fire. The sky was "ablaze" last night at sunset... & [as usual] I was in awe of my favorite artist.

The one above just makes me think of God's glory peeking out from behind the "door of heaven". It was much more wondrous "in person" than it is in this shot. [maybe one day I'll get a DSLR camera. & be a real photographer like I feel my friends are]

I haven't posted for a while. I just have felt a bit "less than others" [or less talented].
...but that isn't why I do this. I don't really do this for you. I do this for us [that would be you, me, & Him]
maybe next time I'll put up more "experimentations in macro"

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