Monday, April 27, 2009

A Saturday Hike...

...ok, this is kind of a quick post. I have resumed these "labyrinth like" walks again. A chance to connect with my maker. Parks [as I've mentioned previously] seem to "amplify" His voice. Or perhaps they work a wonderful saying into action in my life. [This being the saying]

Take time for quiet moments, for God whispers,

And the world is loud. –Anonymous
To explain a bit about LW's Labyrinth, A Sacred Space. It is an action you take to pull yourself out of the ordinary routine of life. To slow down & listen. To allow God to move you, speak to you, comfort you. It is intimate time with Yahweh. That's the best I can do to describe it. For me it began with God as counselor. Keeping me alive, even though I was begging Him to let me die. It was a "year of subtraction". Lost friends, close friends. Dreams that evaporated right before my very eyes. My poem writing a park, hiding from the world, trying to understand why God would allow this. Trying to understand [as P. Steve spoke of this just yesterday] how God can say He works all things for good... when what I see seems so unredeemably bad & dark. But writing... [& now unfolding into photography] I am able to better let go, stop resisting, & let God redeem things that I cannot see good coming out of. It is sad that art is often born out of brokeness. A self-harm video I once saw, had a male voice screaming as it slowly went from utter darkness into light "art is war". For me, this is mostly truer of my poems.
Well... this has been "more wordy" than planned.... I should go for now. [I'll check with my friend deAnn & see about posting pictures from our latest Labyrinth...]

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