Thursday, March 3, 2011

A photo walk with friends.

Wow, it's March & I haven't posted here since Nov. 2010. It's not because I haven't been talking pictures. So I'll try to post a few from last Sat.'s trip to Gettysburg. This Cross is my new profile pic on facebook now. I really like Celtic designs, & especially Celtic crosses. The weaving of lines or cords, over & through each other is very fascinating to me. This monument is for a group of confederate soldiers, & their dog. The dog was loyal, even going into battle with them. When they all died the dog refused to leave them, or eat. The union soldiers were so impressed by the dog that the sculpture of the dog is said to be a likeness of the actual dog. I was taken by the statue both for it's imagery & it's story. Sometimes my walk with God has been like that. Dark, not fun, yet somehow I cannot leave. It gives me a crazy thought. Some say how they want to sit near "so-n-so" at the feast in heaven, some talk of their mansion in heaven, some of their cabin in heaven. Me, irreverent as this may be, I'd like to be a dog in heaven. So I can curl up at his feet, & follow him around forever.

I love the natural artistry in water.
...and the resilience of trees. This one seems to have been "poured" into the rocks here.

Thanks Joe & Scott. Thanks Joe for asking me to go to Gettysburg with you. Thanks Scott for joining us.

More later,
May His grace drip from your fingers,

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Bought as is said...

Hey, the Cross is a union monument. Sorry, I need to consult my more intelligent friends for accuracy.
Thanks for the correction Joe!